1. Memory Bandwidth:

DDR5 memory bandwidth is initially at 4.8 Gbps per pin, compared with DDR4’s 3.2 Gbps. Future versions are expected to double DDR4’s, going up to a maximum of 6.4 Gbps.

  1. Memory Frequency:

DDR4 frequency ranges from 1866 to 3200 MHz (without overclocking), while DDR5 ranges from 4800 to 6400 MHz initially.

  1. Memory Density:

DDR4 maximum density is 16 Gb per die, translating to a total of 32 GB. DDR5, in comparison, has 64 Gb per die, translating to total of 128 GB

In addition, compared with DDR4’s 1.2V, DDR5’s 1.1V is lower, further reducing power consumption.

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